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Fascism and colonialism in the work of Cut Hands and Blackest Ever Black


I couldn’t get this published anywhere, so I’m posting it here. I think it’s really worrying that there are so few places in which we can talk about artists’ politics, even when they are actively dangerous.


“You did call an album Buchenwald.

“Yeah, and so what? It’s just a name.”



On March 25th, we’ll be releasing a 12” vinyl compilation with 14 songs by some of our favourite artists (limited to 300 copies on both coke bottle green and electric blue transparent vinyl). Putting this compilation together has been one of the most exciting things that we’ve done as label up until this point and we can’t wait until everyone get to hear it.

Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Ricky Eat Acid - Can You See It’s Bloom
2. Alex G - Cards
3. R.L. Kelly - Everything’s Cool
4. The Sweater I Gave You - Nobody’s Baby
5. Four Visions - Hazy Past
6. Home Alone - Catching Hours
7. Julia Brown - Without You
8. Infinity Crush - Spoiled
9. Elvis Depressedly - N.M.S.S. (Amy’s Demo Tape) [vinyl only]
10. HAPPY TRENDY - Spirit Week
11. Yohuna - Badges
12. Foxes in Fiction - Rearrange
13. Euphoria Again - Change
14. MEISHI SMILE - Sincerity

The pre-sale page and digital version of the compilation will go up March 22nd. Listen to Yohuna’s track ‘Badges’ at the FADER.

To coincide with the release of this record, we’ll be hosting our 4th showcase for Orchid Tapes artists at Shea Shadium on Saturday, March 29th at 7:30 PM. Here’s the event page.

Thanks so much for all the love and support, we’ll see you on the 29th.

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Yohuna - “Badges”

So beautiful. Excited for this compilation vinyl out on Orchid Tapes soon.


this is too much ~ wow <3

came up with this melody while humming with liz pelly in london.  emily reo made the beat for this track.  lyrics for the chorus inspired by faye orlove's portrait of katniss everdeen.  (girlpower girl love sisterhood friendship bestfriends forever.)  here are the lyrics:  

i’ll love you when it snows in may 

when i’ve found a job i can keep 

you’ll listen to me when it rains 

and stay 

i’m not pretty, i’m not nice 

i am radiating light, i am radiating 

i spent two years sweeping tide, 

i am radiating light, i am fire in your side 

i’ll soften away how i hear 

with his shadow over each night 

you’ll tell me not even a kiss 

feels real 

nothing will make it fair 

when i’ve found  a place i can stay 

you’ll listen to me each new year 

and pray 

Other Spheres: No Fear Of Pop



In our third feature of Other Spheres, we interview the founder of one of our favorite music sites, No Fear Of Pop's Henning Lahmann. Learn all about NFOP and the people behind it, Henning's year 2013 and his future plans.

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Our year-end special can be found RIGHT HERE.
Yohuna - apart


im very very happy to be posting a new yohuna song !!! because i love yohuna and her ‘revery' release was very important to me (it still is!) and her 4 way split with moonlasso, emily reo & brown bread was one of the best things from 2013 (and one of my favorite tapes that i own! ah)

so yeah, considering the two-ish year gap between those two releases, i’m very happy to not be waiting so long to have new music from her again and i’m damn excited to get to include anything of hers here. the song is called ‘apart’ and i’ve been listening to it on repeat for quite a while so i dont know what to really say about it besides that it’s lovely and perfect for listening to on repeat at night while taking a lot of xanax and dreading work and idk.

it comes to me also from the le sigh's zine & tape put together via birdtapes and thats sweet cause they rule and the zine/tape both rule and if youre quick you can probably still buy one via birdtapes so you should probably do that

and listen to this song a whole lot i know i’m going to continue to for a while.

this is also the first time ive ever drafted a post and posted later since i have a job now so hopefully i do that right.

G R I M E S: I don't want to have to compromise my morals in order to make a living


i dont want my words to be taken out of context

i dont want to be infantilized because i refuse to be sexualized

i dont want to be molested at shows or on the street by people who perceive me as an object that exists for their personal satisfaction

i dont want to live in a world where…