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Horrid Red - Nightly Wreaths (Suite)

Waking up only for a few minutes
waking up once in a million years
only to make sure to carry on sleeping
for another million years
sometimes I feel the beauty of things
inside them and only for them alone
but mostly, all the things seem so small
what an amassement of tiny, little things
and only believing in this I feel
the grandeur and perfection
of waterfalls, rocks, alps and caves.

From Horrid Red’s 2nd LP of 2012 “Nightly Wreaths”, Out October worldwide on Terrible Records.

“i’m at loss trying to write something about this record. i don’t know what it is. an exotic ambient pop album with post-punk/new wave/punk roots but that sounds goofy.”
-Edmund Xavier of Horrid Red

  • 3 August 2012
  • 4